AGAPEGIFT is part of Agape Ku Enterprise which operates online shopping in Southeast Asia. We provides customers with an effortless shopping experience with fashion and souvenir products, and direct access to the largest customer base in Southeast Asia.

Long term relationship is what we strive for and servicing each and everyone of you with special offerings, curated proposals and solutions.

Tell us your needs, your budget and we will provide solutions to fit your sales, marketing, branding, communications and positioning needs.

What we deliver are gift-wrapped ideas.

We listen and invest time in understanding your company. We’ll know your brand, target audience, budget, deadline, and what you want the gift to say. Then we THINK for you, design, source, and deliver the finished product to your door step. You’ll save on money, time, and Panadol.

Every gift designed is proudly unique, one-of-a-kind, specifically tailored to your company’s image and message. We don’t keep standard stock. That’s why all our ideas are passionately, vibrantly fresh.